Thursday, January 15, 2009

Indian Econonmy

Does Satyam needs to be bailed out by indian government ?

satyam has provided employement to more than 50,000 software engineers since 10 years. which is a good point.

satyam means true in telugu language. how far its true to its investors ?

i think satyam needs to be bailed out to support employees, who are working in all over the countries.

In this tough economy , they might face immigration issues , need to support family, need to fulfill the commitments assocated with india.

"The government at this stage is not looking at any direct support or bailout to the company," Economic Affairs Secretary Ashok Chawla told reporters.

i wish , central govt should resolve this issue and give support to employees and build confidence in investors.

as i was going through the news , it is evident that satyam has many on going projects.. which can bring profits to the company , that will definitely help out in paying off investors and employees.

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